Wild GmbH


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  • Founded in: 1970
  • Staff: 0
  • Topic: Electronic equipment, Mechatronics/mechanical engineering, Measurement and sensor technology, Laser technology, Plastic machining and processing
  • Cluster Membership: MedTech-Cluster
  • Profile: Internationally active & recognised hightech comp. with unique know how and well known as "most trusted" system partner in development and production of sophisticated components, optiomechatronic systems and complete equipment. We develop and produce on behalf of our clients and do not promote in-house products under our name. We are commited to clear communication & agreements, transparent processes, R&D competence, high level of quality, best possible delivery service and long-term partnership.
  • R&D: Contract R&D in the main areas of our customers - optomechetronic systems. We develop and produce on behalf of our clients and we do not promote in-house products under the WILD name. DEVELOPMENT by WILD provide: -shortest lead times -most-favourable cost structures -high innovation content -market and customer proximity. Planning, control and documentation are carried out by means of a projekt management software that corresponds to the requirements of medical technology (PMS Wild).
  • Production: WILD is your system partner in the development and production of sophisticated medical components, optic-mechatronic systems and complete devices. -WILD Group employs 380 people -Production capa: 233,000 hours a year. -ISO 9001, 13485 /FDA listed -Cleanroom and sterile production PRODUCTION at WILD covers prototype construction, commencement of production or mass production. All processes are, of course, in compliance with the EN ISO 9001 as well as the EN ISO 13485 and the FDA. -Machining of precision parts -Injection moulding -Electroplating / Painting -Medical device assembly (if needet-Cleanroom assembly technology)
  • Services: SCM / After Sales at WILD, as one-stop-shop partner we secure seamless supply of raw materials and purchased parts, trouble-free production and speedy delivery. The goal: to optimise costs and time. -Strategic supplier qualification -Seamless supply chain, -kanban-controlled -Worldwide procurement markets -Spare parts supply -Repair service -Value analysis