LifeTaq-Analytics GmbH


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 2017
  • Staff: 2
  • Offer: Contract research/clinical research
  • Cluster Membership: ecoplus
  • Profile:

    LifeTaq is working on automation strategies in the field of 3D cell cultivation and cell analysis tool. The innovative cultivation approach enables a physiologically relevant simulation of the in vivo state. Thus, we offer a cost- and time-efficient alternative to animal models and traditional 2D cultures while still increasing the overall quality of the experiments due to automation. You can get our products for manual purposes or discuss your ideas in order to establish a service agreement.  

  • R&D:

    WE focus on the development of novel robotic solutions for the simplification of routine lab work for 3D cell cultivation. LIfeTaq designs and grows in vitro 3D models in collaboration with cell providers, scaffold providers and academia. The company aims for a highly digtitalized and automated workflow for all applications and has serval partners all over Europe. 

  • Production:

    LifeTaq produces high quality 3D cell cultivation systems for manual and automated workflows. Our Oli-UP system is the perfect product for straightforward manual 3D cell cultivation in your lab. Further, we collaborate with cell providers for the production of pre-cultivated tissue-like cell structures that can be used for various applicatons like models for barrier, cancer, lung, bone, cartilage or stem cell niches. 

  • Services:

    OUr company offers numerous services in relation to 3D cell modelling. We have expertise on the fields of tissue engineering and human biology in order to discuss our needs on a scientific level and find a customized solutatoin for your problems. LifeTaq can perform basic 3D cultivation or help with complex upstram experiments during the drug development process.