Allectric GmbH


  • Suppliers
  • Founded in: 1926
  • Staff: 10
  • Topic: Mechatronics/mechanical engineering
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna, MedTech-Cluster
  • Profile: Privately owned vieneese enterprise active in the field of commercial and professional cooling. Supplies hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, pharmaceutical producers, research institutions and others with ready or custom made solutions. Exports to surrounding countries, Africa and GCC.
  • R&D: First company to develop special refrigerators for drug storage in the 50ies. First company to introduce special electronic controllers for drug storage coolers in the 90ies. Comprehensive application of steadily improved cold controllers and interactive monitoring devices for best reliable product security. Solution integration into modern QM systems. Use of most environmentally friendly very low energy-consuming cooling appliances.
  • Production: Coolers and freezers for drug storage and laboratory requirements, silenced or clean room solutions with remote compressor installations. First choice producer of DIN standard built-in coolers for drug storage according to standards.
  • Services: Product and solution consulting, maintenance, full service, pre-delivery in-house validations, IQ, OQ, PQ, calibration services, safety inspections, flexible and time saving monitoring solutions according to GMP/GLP/CFR guidelines.
  • Sales/Distribution: Commercial coolers and freezers, professional coolers and freezers for drug, medical, technical & scientific refrigeration for all purposes and production facilites. Cooling appliances e.g. for blood, plasma, cytostatics, tissue storage. Silenced or clean room solutions with remote compressor installations.