Agfa HealthCare Ges.m.b.H.


  • RDM* medical devices
  • Founded in: 1989/2005/2007
  • Staff: 0
  • Focus: Biological-derived devices, Software for medicine, telemedicine and e-health
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna
  • Profile: Agfa HealthCare is a global leader in the fast growing market of integrated IT and imaging systems, offering healthcare facilities a seamless flow of information and a 360° view of patient care. The company has a unique, holistic approach, enabling it to provide in-depth clinical know-how and fully integrated hospital-wide solutions. These specialized solutions integrate IT and imaging systems for Radiology, Cardiology, Mammography and Orthopedics.
  • R&D: Agfa HealthCare is a pioneer in both imaging technologies and diagnostical image enhancement as well as in administrative and medical workflow optimisation in hospitals worldwide. Our research focus aims at improvements and evolution of our imaging equipment and its processing as well as best-of-practice adaption of our Hospital information IT solutions. Further fields are dermatology and contrast media.
  • Production: We develop, assemble and design our imaging modalities on our own and maintain own manufacturing sites. All of our software solutions are own developed and designed. Partnering is carried out only in specialised branches and for specialised solutions which represent niche products to our core markets.
  • Services: As well as own development and manufacturing, our devices are serviced by us. For analogue imaging, we develop media. Software products are serviced according to industry standard. 24/7 helplines are in service.
  • Sales/Distribution: Agfa HealthCare offers the complete range of imaging equipment. Our focus ranges from classical radiology products, such as scanners and printers, over computed radiography to digital radiology. We also offer retrofit solution for easy conversion. Our IT range goes from Hospital information systems with workflow and medical support and mobile solutions to radiology information systems and PACS solution.