SBM Schoeller-Bleckmann Medizintechnik Gesellschaft m.b.H.


  • Suppliers
  • Founded in: 1972
  • Staff: 0
  • Topic: Mechatronics/mechanical engineering, Other
  • Cluster Membership: ecoplus
  • Profile: SBM offers solutions for the sterilization of medical products and equipment. Depending on the customerĀ“s needs either vacuum/steam, steam/air mixture or hot water shower is used for the sterilization. The autoclave sterilization portfolio includes standard modules as well as customized solutions for the pharmaceutical industry, laboratories and decontmination.
  • R&D: We focus on development and improvements of sterilization technologies as well as other process units for the production of pharmaceutical products.
  • Production: Production of terminal and equipment sterilizers for the pharmaceutical industry and laboratories
  • Services: We offer validation, qualification, production, assembly, training, service & maintenance worldwide. As part of Bosch we use the global service hubs with trained stuff to provide our customers the optimal responstime and service
  • Sales/Distribution: As part of Bosch we use the global sales offices and partners to promote and sell our products.