Paris Lodron University of Salzburg


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  • Staff: 0
  • Focus: Applied research, Basic research
  • Research area: Biological sciences, Medical and health sciences
  • Profile: The Allergy-Cancer-BioNano Research Centre in Salzburg represents a research focus of the Paris-Lodron-University of Salzburg (PLUS) that enjoys a particularly high national and international visibility. Apart from teaching and gaining academic achievements, PLUS aims at performing innovative and excellent research. The University of Salzburg is a sought-after cooperation partner for many companies and research institutions in Austria and abroad.
  • R&D: The University of Salzburg comprises eleven research groups focusing on the topics allergy & immunology, cancer research, proteomics, nanotoxicity and structural biology. Investigation of the molecular and cellular basis of different diseases serves as the common denominator.
  • Services: The interdisciplinary collaboration with other national and international universities and research centers makes PLUS a source of inspiration for research and technology development. This particular feature has been enhanced in recent years with the establishment of the international doctoral program “Immunity in Cancer and Allergy.” The major goal of the program is to unravel the cellular and molecular immunological mechanisms and pathways and to develop rational and molecule-based strategies for the treatment of these diseases.