Ing. Sumetzberger GMBH


  • Suppliers
  • Founded in: 1958
  • Staff: 265
  • Topic: Laboratory equipment
  • Cluster Membership: LISAvienna
  • Profile: Sumetzberger stands for marked customer orientation, innovation, versatility, and highest quality. As an independent family business, we are one of the most renowned industrial companies in Austria and one of the leading manufacturers of pneumatic tube systems internationally. As a reliable partner, we convince our customers with comprehensive expert knowledge, direct availability, and the highest quality in all areas as well as with the ability to quickly react to individual requirements.
  • R&D: Hospitals and pharmacies often need to transfer sensitive goods (units of stored blood, medicine). Pneumatic Tube Systems have been used for this purpose for many years. According to the field of application special carriers are being used for the transport of the items. The research is concerned with the realisation of a new generation of pneumatic tube systems as a result of bringing together different innovative elements.
  • Production: Hospital pneumatic Tube System: Hospitals are highly complex systems with a large number of critical tasks to be mastered, whereby no time may be wasted for after all, people’s health is at stake. The hospital pneumatic tube system is the transportation medium that combines speed with reliability. This is a problem-free way of transporting laboratory and blood samples, tissue samples, medicines, prescriptions and results, and much more.
  • Services: Customer & System Support: Sumetzberger Team supports the customer from planning, installation through start-up the system. Also trainings and ongoing predictive maintanence and technical support around -the clock is provided. Support Hospital Architecs & Consultants: Sumetzberger works closely with architects and consultants specializing in hospital design and construction. We provide a depht of system details and specifications to help ensure a smooth and efficient system design.
  • Sales/Distribution: Sumetzberger is a company that operates all over Austria and, in the areas of pneumatic tube systems and conveyor technology, worldwide. In cooperation with our customers, suppliers, and partners we are working towards delivering the highest possible performance, which is reflected by the company’s structure.