FH JOANNEUM Gesellschaft mbH University of Applied Sciences


  • Research and education institutions
  • Founded in: 1995
  • Staff: 665
  • Focus: Applied research, Development
  • Research area: Medical and health sciences
  • Cluster Membership: Human.technology Styria
  • Profile: FH JOANNEUM is one of Austria’s leading Universities of Applied Sciences offering about 45 career-oriented bachelor and master degree programmes at 6 Departments: Applied Computer Sciences, Engineering, Health Studies, Building, Energy & Society, Media & Design, Management. 4400 students are currently studying at three campuses in Graz, Kapfenberg and Bad Gleichenberg. Studying at FH JOANNEUM combines the benefits of applied learning with research and individual support with international links.
  • R&D: The interdisciplinary research focuses on Public Health, supply research in health care, health management, development and evaluation of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures. Innovative concepts for Health Promotion and prevention as well as qualification concepts for health professions and special analytical methods in biomedicine and industrial pharmacy are further research fields. Current research focuses on Healthy Ageing, prevention of obesity, Health Literacy and integrative care.
  • Services: The wide field of expertise and available infrastructure allows the realisation of interdisciplinary R&D projects as well as evaluations as a service within the health system. Innovative labs like the “Josef Ressel Centre for the investigation of early life metabolic programming regarding dispositions of obesity”, “Health Perception Lab”, “Sports Science Laboratory”, “Laboratory for Chromatographic and Spectrometric Analysis” enable to answer complex research questions for commercial partners.