exthex GmbH


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 2010
  • Staff: 7
  • Offer: Communication, IT, Other
  • Cluster Membership: Human.technology Styria
  • Profile: exthex is a research and development company that strongly focusses on close to market operation. exthex works closely with universities which are important partners. Contrary to university research, exthex’s goal is to create own spin-offs based on the results of successful research projects. Top priorities are the future markets of AAL, IoT and Smart Energy. The experienced team has coordinated several national and international projects in these fields and participated in many more.
  • R&D: exthex conducts research in the area of energy management, IoT and AAL-technologies and works closely with universities in Austria and Europa. We are merging these areas into a new intelligent, integrated concept for people of all ages. Hence, not only the foundation for the later needed support is given, but simultaneously people have the opportunity to decide themselves to be well prepared for ageing.
  • Production: exthex GmbH strives for the economic implementation of research results and brings ideas from research to a marketable product. The goal are successful spin-offs and this requires a good balance of the right assets, a trustworthy financier, the right „caretakers“, innovative Ideas, visions and an excellent network. All of those factors are fulfilled for exthex by an experienced management team.
  • Services: Emma provides assistance for older adults to ensure quality of life and enables involved caregivers to be relieved in their burden. Emma’s main offer is divided into Emma help and Emma home. Emma Home offers products for older adults, that increase safety and maintain independence at home. The Emma Base is the center where all modules are being controlled. Emma Help is a one stop-stop shop for involved caregivers. The app includes a range of service and products for the support of older adults