Autonom Talent Consulting GmbH, Niederlassung OÖ


  • Service providers
  • Founded in: 2015
  • Staff: 2
  • Offer: Management, HR, QM and regulatory consulting
  • Cluster Membership: MedTech-Cluster
  • Profile: AUTONOM TALENT® is an innovative consulting company with a focus on talent, stress and resource management. Using a holistic method that takes into account a person’s physical and mental resources, we specialize in identifying and developing human potential in the corporate environment – quickly and objectively. Individual analysis and expert counseling help our clients achieve results faster.
  • R&D: The primary goal of our research is the development and implementation of innovative strategies in talent, stress and resource management in the biopsychosocial context. With our studies, we offer a contribution to the solving of current challenges in corporate and economic policy (Healthy.Lead, age-appropriate work, dealing with change), in addition to scientific confirmation of our AUTONOM TALENT® 3 step method.
  • Services: Your benefits: More appropriate and effecient dealing with stress, better sleep quality and recovery ability, resolved conflicts, better communication, active cooperation with colleagues and employees, enhanced levles of mindfulness.